Monday, May 3, 2010

No matter how bad your heart aches after you have been dumped, all you want is to get your ex back.

However, you cant seem desperate in doing so. If you really want your ex back, you need to understand and follow a few simple tips that dont make you seem like a fraught fool or total idiot.
If you want your ex back, you can make it like a game. If those cards you have are played right, then you can get what you want. If you want to achieve your goals and your desires, then knowing what to do can turn the tables and instead of you begging them for a second chance, they'll be begging you for that second chance.
Tip Number One - Give him or her space. Your initial impulse is to always be there for your ex. However, when you do this they dont have the opportunity to miss you. By cutting off all contact, that forces them to live life without you in it. The same goes for you. You may find yourself happier without him or her in your life. The pain of loneliness will strike hard at the both of you but for your ex, it will beg this question, was dumping you really the smart thing to do?
Tip Number Two - Always look your best. If your ex sees you at your best, dressed and all, chances are that he or she will realize they made a mistake. When you look as if you are not hurting, it exploits any doubt they have about the situation. Those things that your ex found irritating, they may find irresistible once more. Get control of your feelings, look your best and act happy when you are in public.
If you just follow these 2 things, it increases your chances of getting your ex back. And oddly enough, if you believe in it long enough, you may start feeling better on your own in time. That means you help yourself get better and over the pain as well as get your ex back.